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Our base product since 1962. Bull Moose Tube® is an industry leader in production of quality mechanical tubing.

Bull Moose Tube®'s foundation is built with mechanical tube. In 1962 the first product manufactured was mechanical tube produced to the ASTM specification A 513. Since that time, mechanical tube has remained a staple - largely because of its versatility.

Bull Moose Tube® produces the workhorse of specifications for mechanical tube - As-Welded Mechanical. As-welded is the most popular and versatile tubular product. Also, it is usually less expensive than steel tubing manufactured by other methods.

End uses for as welded mechanical tubing run through a wide array of applications because of its versatility. It may be used straight where the strength to weight ratio is the prime requirement. Light building structures such as greenhouses or residential home basement columns make use of mechanicals as a structural support member.

As welded mechanical tubing is often easily bent to adapt to many design applications. Examples include exercise equipment, automotive parts, and furniture components. Bull Moose Tube®'s mechanical tube, because of its method of manufacture, is ideally suited to applications where concentricity and uniformity of wall thickness are important. For industrial applications such as roller conveyors and telescoping applications, Bull Moose Tube®'s mechanical tubing is simply the right choice.

Bull Moose Tube® offers a myriad of size and gauge combinations to suit your exact end-use. Often mechanical tube is a much better choice where pipe is being specified in a structural application such as handrails or barrier protection. Pipe is offered in only a limited number of size and gauge combinations, whereas mechanical tube can more closely conform to your exact requirements - eliminating cost.

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