Bull Moose Tube

Lawn & Garden Equipment

Trailer made with mechanical tube carrying equipment outside of a house

Leading the Herd: Our customizable, performance-driven mechanical tube is expertly produced to withstand the rigors of extended outdoor usage. Commercial lawn-maintenance operations demand robust steel components that ensure strength and reliability with minimal downtime…and Bull Moose® is fully up to the task.

Experienced: From lawnmower and chainsaw handles to snow blower augers, Bull Moose® has a history of providing steel tubing that’s ideal for heavy-duty maintenance equipment. We ensure your product’s integrity by ensuring our product’s integrity in every step of production—from our selection of top-quality steel, all the way through our precision forming, welding and finishing operations.

Tractors (made with mechanical tube) in a row

Innovative: By creating exceptionally clean, strong and versatile products, we’re able to offer tube that’s suitable for anything from hard-working core components to aesthetic-altering trim. With more tube mills than any of our competitors, our superior quality assurance and rolling cycles make us the best choice for your lawn and garden applications. 

Mechanical Tube Products