Bull Moose Tube

Architectural & Construction

Stainless steel stairs made with hollow structural steel tube

Leading the Herd: Bull Moose® hollow structural steel tube delivers the robust, highly resilient performance that your applications demand.

Experienced: We know the importance of structural integrity and installed cost—which is why we have a large staff of field engineers who drive industry specifications and are available for consultation. This is also why our process engineers never stop improving our industry-leading welding techniques or our unsurpassed product characteristics (featuring the sharpest corners in the industry).

Innovative: Boasting the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building component, we assure exceptional durability, lower costs and unparalleled quality to add exponential value to your operations. Add to all that the fact that Bull Moose® tubing provides the cleanest lines and the widest size range in our field, and you have a clear choice for your next project.

Silhouetted image of men around construction scene made from structural steel tube

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