Size & Bundle Charts

Hard Metric Data ChartHard Metric sizes weight and dimensions chart149.88 KB BMI-HardMetricWeightsandDimensions-charts.pdf
Mechanical Tube Size ChartsDimensional data for our square, round, and mechanical tube products.115.18 KB BMT-Mechanicaltubedata-charts_b.pdf
Mechanical Tubing Stock Bundle SizesStock bundle sizes for all gauges, specific to each Bull Moose plant.93.74 KB BMT-StockBundleSizes-charts.pdf
Sprinkler Pipe Bundling ChartBundling chart for all members of the Eddy Pipe family.72.93 KB BMT-SprinklerPipeBundling-charts.pdf
Structural Canadian ChartSize, shape, and weight-per-foot tables for Bull Moose Tube, LTD (Canada)104.24 KB BMT-StructuralCanadian-charts.pdf
Structural HSS Bundle Weights and SizesWeight per foot and bundles sizes for structural squares and rectangles.142.6 KB BMT-hollowstructuralsections-charts-0619c.pdf
Structural HSS RectanglesSectional properties for our HSS rectangles.220.04 KB BMT-HSS-Sprectangles-charts.pdf
Structural HSS SquaresSectional properties for our HSS squares123.46 KB BMT-HSS-SPsquares-charts.pdf