Pitts Enterprises, Inc.

Pitts Enterprises, Inc. 

Case Study 

Logo for Pitts Enterprises, Inc., a company who uses products from steel tube distributor Bull Moose

Since 1962, Bull Moose Tube Company has earned a solid reputation as an innovative steel tube distributor in the industry – seeking constant improvement of its products to drive the highest level of efficiency and the best results for its customers. The company’s Stratusteel® line of 100 KSI high-strength tube steel is a prime example of its ingenuity and drive to provide the products that allow their customers, in turn, to drive innovation in their own industries. Stratusteel’s direct-form rolled, 100 KSI tube steel offers a higher strength-to-weight ratio, which opens up many possibilities for new designs and applications, as well as the opportunity to reduce the weight of conventional designs and applications. 

BMT customers in several industries already have discovered the benefits of high-strength tube steel and have incorporated Stratusteel into products and components, often innovating and expanding their industries along the way. 

Founded in 1976, Pittsview, Ala.-based Pitts Enterprises, Inc., manufactures a variety of truck trailers, from chip vans to logging trailers to flatbeds and low boys. 

In the early 2000s, Pitts began considering utilizing 100 KSI high-strength tube steel as a means to reduce the overall weight of their logging trailers for customers seeking a lighter-weight option to its traditional models. In 2006, Pitts introduced the LT40-UL and LT40-8UL, featuring Bull Moose Tube’s 100 KSI tube steel used in several components, including bolsters, standards and landing gear. By replacing existing materials with high strength tube steel, Pitts was able to reduce the weight of the above components by 500 lbs., which resulted in a five-percent reduction in overall weight of the entire unit. 

The company marketed the LT40-UL and LT40-8UL models as a lighter-weight alternative to its standard LT40-L and LT40-8L models. Since introducing the LT40-UL and LT40-8UL logging trailers, Pitts Enterprises, Inc., has experienced solid sales numbers. 

“We were pleased with the results we were able to achieve by using 100 KSI tube steel in our UL-series logging trailers,” said Justin Bridges, president of Pitts Enterprises, Inc. “We were able to offer lighter-weight products that did not compromise on strength and durability. Based on sales, our customers appreciate these benefits as well.” 

1. Direct Form is a method of manufacture where a square or rectangular tube of steel is directly formed from a strip of steel, then welded. Conventional methods include forming a strip of steel into a round, welding it, and then cold-working the tube shape into a square or rectangular profile. While conventional methods rely on cold-working to meet minimum strength requirements, Bull Moose Tube Company starts with 100 KSI high-strength steel that already meets ASTM A500 requirements, ensuring product quality and high tolerances on twist, straightness, concavity and convexity. 

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