HydroLogic Sprinkler Pipe

Bull Moose Tube has leveraged recent breakthroughs in alloy technology to create HydroLogic TM . This new sprinkler-pipe product is made from carbon steel, but possesses a surface with corrosion resistance that is far superior to galvanized steel and traditional carbon steel. Unlike surface coatings, which can wear off with use over time, the surface material of HydroLogic is a metallurgically-bonded diffusion alloy on the surface of the tube that can’t be removed or damaged.

The result is a sprinkler pipe with a radically lower coefficient of friction—which can often enable smaller diameter pipes to perform like larger pipes.

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Spatially Optimized Diffusion Alloys in Fire Sprinkler Pipe Applications – The concept behind Optiform and HydroLogic is introduced, and the potential impact on sprinkler-system design and performance is explored. To access this document, please fill out the form below.

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Comparing Corrosion Performance of HydroLogic to Carbon Steel and Galvanized Steel ERW Pipe – HydroLogic’s corrosion-resistance performance versus carbon steel and galvanized steel is measured in a series of accelerated-corrosion tests. To access this document, please fill out the form below.

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Hydraulic Characteristics of Three, 3-inch NPS Pipes – A series of tests were conducted in the Hydraulics Laboratory of the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering of the Missouri University of Science and Technology to determine values of the Darcy-Weisbach friction factor f and of the friction loss coefficient C in the Hazen-Williams formula for three pipes manufactured by the Bull Moose Tube Company. To access this document, please fill out the form below.

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