Bull Moose Tube


Two instruments used in research and development by steel tubing vendor Bull Moose

For many of our customers, we’re more than just a steel tubing vendor. We’re a highly capable collaborator.

If you’re faced with a project or a product that calls for a unique set of steel tubing properties, give us a chance to brainstorm with you. Over the years, we’ve been able to provide the solution that unlocked performance and product development challenges for our customers.

In fact, just listen to what some of our customers have to say:

> “All of our suppliers are measured based on their new-product development [capabilities] and technology.  That point really refers to us having a need and working with Bull Moose® to fulfill that need. It’s all about collaborating when we have a particular technology need.”

> “I always find Bull Moose very approachable and cooperative, and very responsive. You’ve gotta make sure you’re setting yourself apart by being very customer-focused.”

> “Bull Moose definitely listens to customers and reacts accordingly. That’s a huge plus in our opinion. It’s certainly helped them strengthen their position with us.”

We can help you solve problems associated with weight, fabrication, finishing, material stresses, and environmental factors. Just give us a chance. You may discover that our most valuable product is actually our R&D expertise.

Just a couple of examples of how we’ve eliminated costs for our customers through joint research and development.

> Saving Steps

Until recently, sprinkler contractors had to fabricate pipes, label them for installation, then ship them out for the familiar red powder coating–which in turn covered up the critical stencil markings that confirmed the pipe was industry approved.

To streamline this process, Bull Moose introduced Reddi-Pipe, which arrives with a durable red or black coating already applied, with our BMT FM and UL Approvals stenciled on for easy viewing. For a major commercial sprinkler installation, this saves installers 30% in costs by eliminating the external powder coating process. This in turn saves all the time involved with sending the pipes out to the powder coater, waiting for the shipment to return, and receiving the coated pipes, and finally delivering them to the job site.

What’s more, with Reddi-Pipe the critical traceability provided by stenciling is never lost.

> Saving Weight, Parts, and Labor

With the high cost of trucking, long-haul utility trailers have to pack the maximum payload into every mile. Bull Moose brought a revolution to this industry that benefits trailer manufacturers and truckers alike.

Our ultra-lightweight Stratusteel helps trailer manufacturers reduce cost by reducing the total number of parts required in trailer construction…which also cuts the labor costs associated with those parts. 

The owners of those trailers benefit from the fact that Stratusteel is lighter than aluminum, yet stronger than conventional steel. As a result, operators can haul more on those light, durable trailers–and still stay within legal weight limits. 

Steel tubing vendor Bull Moose delivers reduced cost of ownership plus increased value for every mile on the road!