We’re taking high-strength,
lightweight steel to new heights.

Stratusteel® from Bull Moose® is revolutionary hollow structural steel tubing that’s two times harder than conventional steel…achieves strength ratings in excess of 100 and 110 KSI…at a weight that’s as much as 35% below other steel.

This robust technology enables cranes to reach higher, trailers to carry more weight, rescue ladders to extend farther — all without compromises in strength.

About the product

STRONGER: Stratusteel achieves strength ratings from 100 to 110 KSI, compared the 50 to 80 KSI ratings of conventional steel. Produced in accordance with ASTM A1112, our product is stronger — which means you can load more or extend further.

LIGHTER: Living up to its stratus-cloud namesake, Stratusteel is as much as 35% lighter than standard steel products.

TOUGHER: Stratusteel is 3x harder than standard steel as measured by the Rockwell hardness scale. As a result, products made of Stratusteel have an impact-resistant toughness that enables them to take a beating and look newer, longer. This hardness also enables extendable products (such as booms and fire truck ladders) to extend farther without sway or bounce.

CREATES VALUE FOR YOU IN SIGNIFICANT WAYS: For truckers, less weight = more freight. For booms, cranes, and ladders, it’s stronger so you can extend longer. For every application, it performs as some of the toughest, most durable steel ever, prolonging the life and value of heavy-duty equipment.

CURRENT APPLICATIONS: Military vehicles, launch pad scaffolding, ladders, booms, agricultural equipment, heavy haul trailers.


We presented several possible product names to hundreds of opinion-leaders in the transportation industry, and let them vote for their favorite. The final selection: Stratusteel. Named after the steel-gray stratus clouds that can span the horizon, Stratusteel is just as far-reaching and nearly as light.