Weathering Grade Steel Tube

Weathering Grade Steel Tube

The Low-Cost, No-Maintenance Alternative
for Outdoor Applications.

With the rising cost of galvanized steel, it’s good to know there’s a solid substitute:
Weathering Grade steel tube from Bull Moose®.

Compare this stock to COR-TEN® and other ASTM A847 options, and you’ll find that our Weathering Grade steel delivers equivalent performance for heavy weather environments…at a much lower cost.

Over time, the surface of this alloy steel develops a stable, light-brown patina that protects it from corrosion—and eliminates the need for painting and re-painting.

Its durability and 50 KSI strength make it ideal for applications such as walkways, bridges, railings, and other structures that are directly exposed to the elements.

Bull Moose Weathering Grade stock is readily available in multiple lengths, shapes, and wall thicknesses to fit an extensive range of projects. 

Product Details 

  • Produced per ASTM A847, which mirrors ASTM A500 (plus atmospheric-corrosion-resistant steel)
  • 50ksi min. yield, 70ksi min. tensile, 19% min. elongation.
  • General applications: bridges, utility/light poles.
  • Normally in stock:
    • 3/16”
    • 1/4”
    • 3/8”
      (Custom sizes: inquire on lead time)
  • Uncoated weathering steel typically provides initial cost savings of 10-15% by avoiding the expense of painting, and savings of at least 30% over the life of the structure.
  • The steel’s weathered finish provides a natural look for outdoor environments, and because it is permanent, it does not require either VOC paint or blasting—both of which can be harmful to the environment.