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Get Reddi to Save.

Reddi-Pipe is the sprinkler pipe that saves you time and money, because it arrives at your shop ready to use, complete with a durable red or black matte finish. This saves you all the time and labor costs associated with sending pipe out for powder coating (plus the hassle of re-stenciling when it comes back in)—not to mention the costs of freight, and the powder coating itself.

Most importantly, since your parts never leave your shop, you never lose traceability.

More about the product

  • Reddi-Pipe is fully stenciled for UL/FM and AHJ compliance.
  • Easy to weld (unlike powder coating).
  • Protected by our exclusive EddyGuard II antimicrobial internal coating.
  • Available in all standard diameters.
  • Custom length options.
  • Certified to ASTM A135 and A795 Type E, Grade A
  • Complies with NFPA-13, 13R and 14 
  • Includes our exclusive EddyGuard II antimicrobial coating
  • Industry-leading hydraulic characteristics
  • Pressure ratings exceeding 300 psi
  • CRR of 1.0 and greater
  • All pipe endures NDT weld testing
  • Competitively priced
  • We provide prompt shipment from production facilities across the U.S.

With Reddi-Pipe, just fabricate the system, use our touch-up paint to finish off dings and  scratches…and deliver parts to the job site for installation. You avoid all the costs and headaches associated with powder-coating and re-stenciling!

Bottom line: these Bull Moose® sprinkler pipes are Reddi…to save you time and money.