Mechanical Steel Tube


Bull Moose produces rugged mechanical steel tubing in square, round, and rectangular configurations.

Most importantly, we maintain extremely precise and consistent dimensions, enabling our tubes to be reliably utilized in the production of diverse finished products.

Bull Moose mechanical tubing is produced in accordance with ASTM A513 standards in both hot- and cold-rolled options. While physical testing is not required under these specs, our tubing has been proven to be durable in a variety of applications.

Our steel tubes offer the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratios — which enables you to build cost-effective products that can endure heavy usage. For reliable service and products of exceptional strength, rely on Bull Moose®.

Employee making Mechanical Steel Tubing at Bull Moose Tube

Bull Moose® Mechanical Steel Tube Advantages 

Employee making Mechanical Steel Tubing at Bull Moose Tube

  • Leading availability and fastest delivery through eight North American plants
  • Special packaging
  • Special rolling options
  • Broad range of finishing services
  • Extensive engineering and product-development capabilities

Applications Include

  • Solar torque tube
  • Seat framing
  • Furniture
  • Display cases
  • Fabric structures
  • Greenhouse heater tubes
  • Utility trailers

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