Bull Moose Tube

About Us

Bull Moose® Tube is a division of Caparo Bull Moose®, Inc. Founded in 1962, Bull Moose Tube is a steel manufacturer that boasts more than a half-century of steadfast commitment to serving customers requiring steel pipe and tube. Our enduring commitment to quality, innovation and service has made us the fastest growing competitor in the market.

One key contributor to our quality is our unique manufacturing method. Bull Moose forms tube directly from steel coil, eliminating a mother tube or prior stage process. This approach enables us to start with only the highest grade steel, create less scale, form sharper corners, craft the straightest tube, and make the most consistent welds. As result of superior quality, we are the most reliable steel manufacturer of steel tube.

Innovation begins with confident adaptability and creativity as we collaborate with customers to develop solutions—solutions that can be geared toward optimizing performance, production, or total cost of ownership. Our engineering and operations teams have devised processes that allow us to create custom shapes and sizes, including a full range of metric sizes. Unique products include tube that will not rust in outdoor applications and our 110 KSI product – the strongest, lightest tube in the market.

Our unparalleled service comes from steadfast accountability and dedication to our customers, owners and each other. Our seven manufacturing facilities in North America help ensure consistent product availability, while our sales team maintains straightforward and transparent business practices for consistent reliability.

Choose Bull Moose for exceptional strength.