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Bull Moose®: the Industry’s First EPD-Certified Sprinkler Pipe

Bull Moose® Tube has earned an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from  Underwriters Laboratories — making Bull Moose pipe the only manufacturer in the sprinkler pipe field with EPD certification.

This is particularly significant for building owners and contractors seeking LEED points, because EPDs for Materials and Resources are actually required in the new LEEDv4 standards that became mandatory in 2016.

Our entire sprinkler product line can now help projects earn those LEED credits. This advantage springs from the environmental considerations observed by Bull Moose throughout the production of our sprinkler pipe.

The EPD qualification was based on a variety of factors, including: how our raw materials are sourced, the extent of recycled materials utilized in our production, our scrap reclamation processes, the integrity of our manufacturing practices, and so on.

Ultimately, these criteria enabled UL to assess the environmental impacts of our product across its entire life cycle.

With this EPD, Bull Moose sprinkler pipe becomes an even more valuable contributor to safe, sustainable buildings.