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Caparo Bull Moose, Inc., and Bull Moose Tube Company Each Announce Additions to and the Expansion of Its Board of Directors

CHESTERFIELD, Mo., Oct. 4, 2022 — Caparo Bull Moose, Inc. (CBM) and Bull Moose Tube Company (BMT) each announce additions to and the expansion of its Board of Directors. Since January 1, 2022, each Board has increased from three to seven members. The changes come subsequent to the appointment earlier this year, and at the behest, of the Hon. Ambar Paul as Executive Chairman, Caparo Holdings (US) Limited, the parent company of both Caparo Bull Moose, Inc. and Bull Moose Tube Company.
The Board of each of CBM and BMT now comprise the following:
The Hon. Ambar Paul: Co-Chair Caparo Group Limited and Caparo PLC; Executive Chairman, Caparo Holdings (US) Limited; Chairman of CBM and BMT.

David Dancaster: Director and Chief Financial Officer Caparo Worldwide, PLC.

Tom Modrowski: President and CEO of BMT.

John Krupinski: Chief Financial Officer of BMT.

Rob Boyle, PhD: Associate Professor of Management, St. Louis University.

Sudhir Maheshwari: Founder and Managing Partner, Synergy Capital Corp, LLP. Prior to founding Synergy, he was a leader in the creation of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel company, where he spent 27 years in a variety of roles culminating in being a longtime member of the Group Management Board.

Kathleen Sullivan: Co-Founder & Principle of Pryzm Advisors, LLC and Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel of BMT.
Of the new Board the Hon. Ambar Paul, CBM and BMT Chairman, said, “We are privileged to have such a diverse and capable Board. Each member brings valuable skills and business acumen that are important to the success of our business. I am looking forward to working with the Board as we continue our drive to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.”
Tom Modrowski, President & CEO of BMT, said, “This collection of Directors is a reflection of BMT’s commitment to innovation and collaboration, as well as its insatiable desire to succeed. With construction of our new, transformational mill in Sinton, TX nearing completion in early Q1 of 2023, and our continued quest to expand, grow, and increase our operational capabilities to 1 million tons per year and beyond, the Board will be an invaluable source of counsel, guidance, and inspiration.”