Manufacturing Steel tubeA500 is familiar across many industries as a primary standard for structural steel components. And Bull Moose is familiar in many industries as a consistently reliable provider of products that fully conform to A500 standards.

Except for certain smaller sizes, our HSS is produced using a Direct-Form method whereby the square or rectangle is directly formed from the strip of steel and then welded. This Direct-Form method allows Bull Moose Tube to produce deep rectangles rarely manufactured in the industry and hard metrics.  In addition, Bull Moose Tube can roll 80 ksi steel and, for certain sizes and gauges, 100 ksi and 110 ksi steel.

In addition to A500 specs, we can also meet the more stringent CSA G40.21 standards.

Among the many advantages of Bull Moose products:

  • Tighter tolerances, sharper edges, and straighter tubes
  • Less residual stress on the steel
  • Widest variety of custom sizes and lengths, including metric sizes and cut-to-length options
  • Special packaging

Common Applications Include:

  • Industrial Structures
  • Commercial construction
  • Bridges
  • Heavy haul trailers
  • Hook & ladder trucks
  • Gooseneck and dump trailers
  • RV chassis
  • Automotive racking
  • Vehicle transport trailers
  • Drill masts
  • Land rigs
  • Solar bases
  • Trusses
  • Structural columns

Steel Tube machinery