Agriculture & Farm


Leading the Herd: Our steel tubing provides solid integrity and durability—which in turn contributes to both the safety and reliability of farm equipment.

Experience: We have a half-century history of producing products that are tougher and perform longer than the alternatives for irrigation systems, structures, rollover protection, and handle/lever applications.

High Standards:Bull Moose® steel tubing offers the strongest protection, tightest edges and first-class weld seam consistency. This enables us to create superior frame and support components that can maximize the performance of your equipment.

Steel Tubing Products

Architectural & Construction

Leading the Herd:Bull Moose® hollow structural steel tube delivers the solid performance demanded by the construction field.

Experience: We know the importance of structural integrity and installed cost—which is why we have a staff of field engineers who drive industry specifications and are available for consultation. This is also why our process engineers never stop improving our industry-leading welding techniques and our unsurpassed product characteristics (featuring the sharpest corners in the industry).

Innovative: Bull Moose® tubing provides the cleanest lines, the widest size range, and the highest strength-to-weight ratio in our field…making us a clear choice for your next project.

Structural Steel Tube Products

Fire Protection

Leading the Herd: The qualities of our steel fire-suppression sprinkler pipe keep us at the forefront of the industry forefront.

Experience: Made in the USA, we take pride in producing a wide line of exclusive UL- and FM-approved steel pipe. Distinguished by maximum flow and superior hydraulics, we ensure consistent safety in our fire-suppression systems.

Innovative:Building on a solid base of unique features (such as pressure ratings exceeding 300 psi, custom-colored coatings, and EddyGuard II® bacteria-resistant coating), we constantly advance our products to better meet the needs of sprinkler applications.

Fire Protection Products

Health & Fitnes

Leading the Herd:Our Hollow Structural Steel tubing stands as the strongest choice for your equipment solutions.

Experience:Characterized by clean seams and extreme durability, our Hollow Structural Steel tubing has been put to work providing a crucial element of strength for equipment such as treadmills, stationary bicycle frames, wheelchairs, and hospital beds.

Innovative: We understand the need for versatility, which is why Bull Moose® Tube has developed a vast array of sizes and shapes for your components—including metric sizes. With our direct-form manufacturing process, clean seams are created by welding the narrow side of the tube, and our steel is perfectly rounded for superior aesthetics.

Typical Products

Industrial Equipment

Leading the Herd:We create high-strength, low-weight steel tubing that is perfectly suited for diverse industrial applications.

Experience:Whether you are producing crane booms, HVAC systems, material handling equipment or warehouse storage racks, chances are we have steel tubing that has already been proven in applications just like yours.

Innovative: The advances we’ve made in increasing the strength of lighter-gauge tubing can help add stability and value to your projects.

Low Weight Steel Tubing Products

Lawn &Garden Equipment

Leading the Herd:Our customizable, high-performance mechanical tube is expertly produced to withstand the rigors of extended outdoor usage. Commercial property-maintenance operations demand robust steel components that ensure strength and reliability with minimal downtime…and Bull Moose® is fully up to the task.

Experience: From lawnmower and chainsaw handles to snow blower augers, Bull Moose® has a history of providing steel tubing that’s ideal for heavy-duty maintenance equipment. We ensure your product’s integrity by ensuring our product’s integrity in every step of production—from our selection of top-quality steel, all the way through our precision forming, welding and finishing operations.

Innovative: By creating exceptionally clean, strong and versatile products, we’re able to offer tube that’s suitable for anything from hard-working core components to aesthetic-enhancing trim. With more tube mills than any of our competitors, our superior quality assurance and active rolling cycles make us the best choice for your lawn and garden applications.

Mechanical Tube Products


Leading the Herd:Our engineering expertise enables us to deliver high-strength, low-weight steel tubing for new levels of protection, power and durability in defense applications.

Experience: The
expertise we’ve gained across the industrial spectrum reaches its pinnacle in our work for the armed forces. Our steel tubing has earned its stripes through countless combat missions in APC components & frames, weapon-system tripod legs, and transport vehicle rollover protection structures.

Innovative: Our unique direct-form steel tubing archives an extraordinarily high strength-to-weight ratio that enhances the performance and security of military vehicles and hardware.

Mechanical Steel Pipe Products


Leading the Herd:Trucks and trailers built with our direct-form hollow steel tubing achieve a significant weight-saving advantage without compromising strength. That means you can haul more cargo on every load—and make the best possible use of driver hours and fuel.

Experience: Committed to tough performance, our steel tube has delivered excellence across countless miles for trailer side rails, heavy-duty truck frame components (including landing gear and rear guards), and RV frame components.

Innovative: Our unique, direct-form manufacturing process provides a remarkable solution for the transportation industry: steel that’s amazingly light and strong.  With straight, clean builds and precise corners, our lightweight steel tubing has been an innovation that allows fleets to accomplish more.

Typical Products


Leading the Herd:At Bull Moose®, our superior weather grade steel tubing is another example of products we’ve developed that meet specialized needs.

Experience: For years, customers have brought their product and performance needs to us. We encourage you to do the same—whatever your product happens to be. You’ll find the engineers at Bull Moose to be capable collaborators.

Seeking to enhance the safety of your product through structural reinforcement? We’re your resource. Hoping for some way to reduce the total manufactured cost of your product? We’ve done it. Does your end-user have a certain need that must be met? We can help you confront that need.

Our product development expertise has been proven across a vast array of industries and applications, including consumer products, pedestrian walk bridges, international construction and manufacturing, radio and cellular towers, highway guard rail systems and offshore drilling rigs.

So what can we help you to develop or improve?

Innovative: Our adherence to quality and progress keeps us ahead of the game. With attributes like quick rolling cycles, more metric sizes than any other competitor, and weather grade steel products that never need painting, Bull Moose brings confidence, capability and adaptability to any product development challenge.


Weather Grade Steel Products