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Size & Bundle Charts

Title Description Size File
Hard Metric Data Chart Hard Metric sizes weight and dimensions chart 149.88 KB
Mechanical Tube Size Charts Dimensional data for our square, round, and mechanical tube products. 115.18 KB
Mechanical Tubing Stock Bundle Sizes Stock bundle sizes for all gauges, specific to each Bull Moose plant. 93.74 KB
Sprinkler Pipe Bundling Chart Bundling chart for all members of the Eddy Pipe family. 72.93 KB
Structural Canadian Chart Size, shape, and weight-per-foot tables for Bull Moose Tube, LTD (Canada) 104.24 KB
Structural HSS Bundle Weights and Sizes Weight per foot and bundles sizes for structural squares and rectangles. 142.6 KB
Structural HSS Rectangles Sectional properties for our HSS rectangles. 220.04 KB
Structural HSS Squares Sectional properties for our HSS squares. 123.46 KB